Oligomers count

attyloid’s sFIDA platform technology offers a cutting-edge approach for the quantitative detection of single oligomers and aggregates, which serve as biomarkers of CNS disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

sFIDA technology

aggregates under the spotlight

The sFIDA platform integrates the precision of a selective immunoassay with the superior sensitivity of fluorescence microscopy to count single oligomers, aggregates, and particles. As a result, sFIDA can detect these biomarkers at unprecedented levels of sensitivity and specificity.



  • MoA validation

  • Patient selection and stratification

  • Target engagement assaying

  • Drug efficacy testing

subvisible particle analysis

  • R&D of biologicals

  • Cell culture screening

  • Formulation development

  • QC in bioproduction

viral particle

  • Vaccine production

  • Protein expression

  • Viral therapeutics

  • Antiviral development

we are

attyloid is an academicy spin-off dedicated to the scientific rigor that the complex fields of protein misfolding and Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases demand. Our research plays a critical role in diagnosing and understanding these diseases and paving the way for innovative therapeutics.

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cutting-edge technology?

sFIDA’s efficiency in numbers

oligomer sizes

1.000 nm

sample volume

1.000 µl

detection limit

1.000 fM

dynamic range orders of magnitude


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