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  • Meet us at BIO International, June 3-6, 2024 in San Diego

    May 10, 2024

    We are excited to announce that attyloid will be participating in this year's BIO International Convention, the world’s largest and ...

  • attyloid’s sFIDA technology sheds light on the pathophysiological role of Aβ oligomers

    May 10, 2024

    We are very happy to announce that our latest research paper, titled “Aβ oligomers peak in early stages of Alzheimer’s ...

  • Meet us at Neuro4D Conference

    March 19, 2024

    attyloid is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the upcoming annual Neuro4D Conference, a cornerstone event dedicated to advancing research ...

  • attyloid to showcase innovations in biomarker development at AD/PD™ 2024 conference

    February 19, 2024

    We are excited to announce that attyloid will be presenting at the AD/PD™ 2024 International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s ...

  • Meet us at the Düsseldorf-Jülich Symposium 2023

    December 4, 2023

    Oliver Bannach, CEO of attyloid, will present at the 5th Düsseldorf-Jülich Symposium on Neurodegenerative Diseases, themed "Amyloid, from early aggregation ...

  • sFIDA Technology Reveals New Insights into Protein Aggregation in Psychotic Disorders

    September 5, 2023

    In a pioneering study that could have wide-reaching implications for psychiatric research, scientists have employed attyloid’s surface-based Fluorescence Intensity Distribution ...

  • attyloid’s sFIDA Technology Key in Revealing COVID-19’s Potential Neurodegenerative Impact

    August 21, 2023

    A new study has utilized attyloid's cutting-edge Single Molecule Fluorescence Intensity Distribution Analysis (sFIDA) technology to explore how COVID-19 may ...

  • Recent Study Validates Alzheimer’s Treatment in Beagle Models, Credits sFIDA Technology for Precise Quantification of Tau Aggregates

    July 29, 2023

    In a significant new study focusing on Alzheimer's Disease (AD), researchers have highlighted the disease-modifying effects of RD2, a potential ...

  • New Publication Highlights Enhancement of attyloid’s sFIDA Technology Through Internal Quality Control Standards

    May 10, 2023

    attyloid's recent publication has outlined the establishment of an internal quality control (IQC) standard aimed at improving the robustness of ...


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