attyloid provides its proprietary sFIDA technology as clinical and pre-clinical biomarker tool, particularly for de-risked pharmaceutical drug development.

Furthermore, outside the applicability as biomarker assay, various iterations and custom-made modifications of attyloid’s core technology sFIDA allow the generation of added value in each, and across all, of these R&D work packages. In this manner, attyloid enables its collaboration partners to generate higher-quality biologicals with increased reproducibility, saving time and cost for the R&D partner.

attyloid collaborates with pharma, biotech and biosimilar companies in risk-sharing partnership models, as a Preferred Partner (not as CRO or service provider) over the course of only a defined period or the whole R&D process, from discovery-stage through pre-clinical R&D and clinical trials to commercial stage.

attyloid GmbH
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